Here is some visibility into what is happening –
There are a couple of issues we are experiencing following the massive on-boarding of new users (growing 10 time bigger in 24hrs) –

(1) Balance update – There are delays in the update cycles (supposed to be once an hour) simply because the database needs more time to crunch the huge volume of data (reminder – we have grown ten times in size in just 24 hours).
This is the hardest piece to scale and we approach it by streamlining and making the data crunching more efficient and by scaling the hardware. Both take time. However no data is lost so balance display should catch up to the right numbers even if delayed.
Let us know if you are seeing something odd there.

(2) VTC – We brought it back and it appears there is something really wrong with the share data collection. We are monitoring it and fixing it on the go and will update balances for work you guys have been doing that we can identify and that has not been compensated for.
We have further taken VTC down so it is only available to beta users.

(3) ZEN – we suspect that the VTC over load caused lagging share situation in ZEN as well – we are checking and will address discrepancies as well.

(4) Databases – very busy databases can have different side effects like login issues, no job from server issues etc.

These are challenging times for everyone, we assure you we are doing our best to stabilize the platform and make you all happy WinMiners.

We are here for the long run and the greater vision.

Thank you for your support!!

We will keep updating here.

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