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WinMiner announces a strategic collaboration with Aion, to untap the full potential of blockchain connectivity and bring mining to the masses

WinMiner receives the first strategic investment from Bicameral Ventures, the fund established by Aion Co-founder, Kesem Frank, and is announcing its Token Generation Event and launch of the WinMiner token on the Aion network.

London – September 2018 – Mining platform WinMiner is today announcing a strategic investment by Bicameral Ventures, the fund established by Aion Co-founder, Kesem Frank, to WinMiner’s private sale. Kesem will also be joining the WinMiner advisory board, as it expands to drive WinMiner forward and grow on it’s already sizable 190,000+ user base. Additionally, WinMiner is announcing the launch of its BEE token on the Aion network, marking a pivotal step forward for both entities. The functional token will reduce costs borne by miners on the ‘one-click mining’ software.

WinMiner’s decision to launch on the Aion protocol was predicated on the network’s ability to support the software’s large and growing user base in a low and cost-effective manner, while also future proofing the business model via Aion’s ability to interoperate with other networks when necessary. All users on WinMiner who are leveraging the BEE token will be provided with an Aion wallet as well as a simple interface to undertake logic-driven transactions on the Aion blockchain.

As an additional part of the collaboration, the WinMiner platform has also established an AION mining pool, with the AION coin now added to the WinMiner platform. The platform currently supports the networks of different coins, and offers its users the most competitive, robust withdrawal options including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and now AION, amongst other major cryptocurrencies. Users are also able to receive an Amazon or iTunes gift card, as well as cold hard cash if they choose.

“We are delighted to be working with the skilled WinMiner team to truly move the needle in unlocking the full potential of blockchains,” said Matt Spoke, CEO of the Aion Foundation. “Our work since the Aion network has launched is to create a technology that allows for projects to operate without constraints on speed, scale, cost or specific networks. I am excited to have WinMiner marking one of the first projects to prove out this vision and look forward to working together to keep mining decentralized and open.”

WinMiner is offering the most comprehensive mining optimization platform and  provides a unique ‘one-click mining’ solution in a user friendly interface. WinMiner allows anyone, anywhere, to efficiently harness and optimize the unused power of their computer via an industry leading cryptocurrency mining algorithm. Through WinMiner, the complicated world of cryptocurrency mining is opened up to the masses by giving even the most novice of users a place to mine on the blockchain, and stay in total control of when and how WinMiner works for them.

“At a time when crypto technology is advancing so rapidly and in so many directions, we are looking to invest and partner with those projects who share the same desire and vision to ensure the stability, safety and mainstream adoption of blockchain technology” said Kesem.  “Both Bicameral and WinMiner are committed to unlocking the full potential of blockchain technology, so we are proud and excited to be working so closely with the WinMiner team and their well-constructed, highly scalable product. We take very active roles with our portfolio companies and so are looking forward to growing this collaboration in the near term.”

“We are delighted to have found an ally in Kesem and Bicameral Ventures, who both share our ethos, and support and value the impact WinMiner is having on blockchain mining” said Idan Faigenbaum “The appointment of Kesem Frank to our Board serves as a huge boost to us personally, but also to the crypto community as a whole. We have found in Aion, Bicameral Ventures, and Kesem the same desire to keep the ethos of blockchain solid, and ensure mining remains truly egalitarian.We are proud to be launching one of the first tokens on the Aion protocol, and my partner Ariel Yarnitsky and I look forward to developing our collaboration further and working with Kesem and the whole Aion family”



WinMiner is a platform for mining the most profitable crypto coins at any given moment. With WinMiner you can easily start mining and help turn your unused computer power into cash or crypto. WinMiner was co-founded by Ariel Yarnitsky, entrepreneur and former ICQ executive and Speedbit CEO, and Idan Feigenbaum, founder of Speedbit and creator of Download Accelerator Plus, the popular download manager with 400 million installs ​worldwide.

Aion Foundation:

Aion is a powerful, decentralized application development environment built on an established blockchain network, performant smart contract execution engine, and an ecosystem of accelerator tools.

Aion is a fast, reliable and cost-effective way to build and deploy decentralized applications (dApps). By streaming the dApp building process-including providing the blockchain network an advanced smart contract execution engine, accelerator tools, and an ecosystem of partners – Aion gives you the agility to Build the Future you Want and lead the dApp revolutions.

Bicameral Ventures:

Bicameral Ventures is an innovative Venture Capital fund which both raises and deploys capital directly in cryptocurrency and invests in early stage projects leveraging the Aion interoperability platform. Bicameral Ventures was co-founded by Kesem Frank, co-founder of Aion and Nuco Inc. and Alex McDougall, fintech and M&A investment banking veteran with Bank of Montreal Capital Markets.


Ariel Yarnitsky – Co-Founder
Idan Feigenbaum – Co-Founder

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