WinMiner Hibernation Notice

Dear WinMiners,

It’s no secret that crypto coins and the mining of such coins are undergoing a very challenging period characterized by major price drops and diminishing mining profitability. Mining earnings have come down considerably, to the point that many miners around the world have ceased their mining activity.

While Team WinMiner remains a very strong believer in blockchain and crypto, the current market climate has led us to the decision to roll back the WinMiner token sale and to hibernate the WinMiner service until more favorable market conditions return and allow us to fulfill the grand WinMiner vision of bringing crypto to the masses. It simply no longer makes sense to try and accomplish this in the current market conditions.

We will be pausing the WinMiner mining on Dec. 11th, 2018 at 9am UTC (account payouts will continue to be available as usual until December 31st 2018)

We want to thank all the WinMiner fans around the world for sharing the ride with us until now. It isn’t over for good, we will reach out to you when we return 🙂

You guys are the best – it has been an honor to serve you all!

Team WinMiner

Important: mining will stop on December 11 at 9am UTC